WHO WE ARE: Utah's Urban & Rural Specialized Transportation Association (URSTA) is a statewide organization that began in 1988. Our goal is to build a strong network of fixed route and specialized transportation services. We provide training, education, advocacy and networking for transit providers and their employees in Utah and surrounding states.

OUR MISSION:  To advance specialized and public transit through training, coordination and advocacy.

OUR VISION: To empower transit partners through meaningful connections, professional development, community resources and innovation.

OUR PURPOSE: Promote safe, efficient, effective and economical transportation for clients in human service agencies and organizations. Promote risk management programs including driver training, vehicle inspections and maintenance, and facility management training. Arrange State and regional training based on the needs of transportation agencies and their employees. Provide information and updates on the URSTA website and through the URSTA newsletter. Assist in the coordination of available transit services. Be an advocate for transit and our members and to increase public awareness of transportation issues. Increase public awareness of special transportation services and problems. Host regional and State Roadeos to bring drivers together to test their skills on a challenging obstacle course and sending the winner to the CTAA National Roadeo.

GEOGRAPHICAL AREA: URSTA represents the State of Utah. The state is divided into Seven Regional Association of Governments (AOGs).